ASK cards

Peripheral Visions Cards are divided into three decks: ASK, NOTICE and ACT. The ASK deck has the closest function to that of a classic tarot deck, depicting a symbol or concept to those opening the cards

When playing in a group, it’s best if the person who asked the question and opened the card shares their interpretation first. Then others can add their thoughts.

ASK The Cards

Think of a question that is relevant for you (and your collective), for example: What do I need to know now? Pick one card from the deck. Read the initial interpretation from this booklet. Each interpretation covers different aspects of what would be considered a “light side” and “shadow side” meaning in order to balance tendencies to read into symbols using an overly optimistic or pessimistic lens. Try to find connections to the interpretations from both of those angles in a given moment. Do you have a radically different interpretation of the card? Note it or share it if playing in a group. There are no wrong answers.