The Spinning Wheel

The Spinning Wheel can appear when you find yourself in an ongoing cycle of creativity and production, where ideas, collaborations and projects are in motion. It signifies the ability to continuously build on your working material with new perspectives.

The Spinning Wheel can show up to empower your self-sufficiency, encouraging you to rely on our own capabilities to produce what you need. This aspect is particularly important when we have limited access to external resources, as our motivation and resilience become powerful forces that drive our creative survival.

The perpetual motion of the Spinning Wheel reflects the virtues of endurance and perseverance. It is here to support your steady, ongoing effort required for change to occur.

On the flip side, it is crucial to recognize that a spinning wheel does not always signify progress. For instance, a mouse in a cage exhausts itself to an illusion of movement without actually going anywhere. A never-ending cycle of spinning can indicate a constant effort that never fully achieves its intended purpose. It goes without saying that pushing towards an elusive horizon without pausing to reassess our position can lead to harm over time. Such a persistence dilutes our perspective and results in burnout.

The cyclical nature of the Spinning Wheel can also suggest being trapped in unproductive patterns. Old problems continue to resurface without effective solutions, and rigid, entrenched practices stifle and overpower new approaches, feeding on resistance to questioning established ways. In these situations, the presence of the Spinning Wheel serves as a reminder to pause and shift directions.