No Money = No Issue

At its heart, the No Money = No Issue card adds an ironic yet resourceful way of addressing the monetary dependency of life in neoliberal capitalism. It suggests that if money creates issues, not having money resolves issues because no money, therefore no issues exist in the first place. While it is a humorous saying, it can offer a lighter perspective on financial turmoil and create mental space for alternative solutions to come up.

This card reminds those who draw it of the importance of making knowledge and expression accessible to all, regardless of economic standing. It fosters the development and support of open-source platforms, free publications, and free knowledge as vital aspects of maintaining open culture. It also serves as a reminder that the value of published work isn’t solely defined by its commercial success but by its ability to reach and affect the lives of its audiences.

No Money = No Issue also points to values that cannot be bought or sold. It suggests that true contentment and progress depend on connections, shared experiences, and the collective pursuit of higher ideals, rather than solely on financial prosperity.

While this card celebrates the freedom from material concerns, it also highlights the potential consequences of neglecting practical realities and responsibilities. A lack of resources or funding can pose challenges in addressing urgent needs and supporting essential services, making it difficult to sustain work. Relying solely on the notion that issues can be avoided without resources may lead to a dependency on others for support, rather than cultivating self-sufficiency and resilience.

The flipside of No Money = No Issue reminds us that it is equally essential to address tangible challenges and inequities within communities, especially in situations where economic and political constraints exist. In such circumstances, financial support is not just beneficial but essential for survival and instigating change.