Mutual Dependency = Independence

The concept of mutual dependency being closely linked to independence highlights the power of collective effort, collaboration, and interdependence. By combining resources, knowledge, and skills, smaller groups and individuals can achieve a level of impact and visibility that would otherwise be unattainable.

Mutual dependency emphasizes the importance of sharing resources and expertise to achieve common goals. This might involve shared platforms, distribution networks, or funding models that benefit multiple groups. A focus on the power of collective reinforcement not only makes individual projects more viable but also strengthens the overall infrastructure supporting those projects, leading to greater independence from mainstream or dominant cultural production systems.

Interconnectedness allows building networks that are robust yet flexible. You might be on the brink of forming such networks which can hold space for changes in direction and absorb shocks. You are finding that by depending on each other, both communities and projects can become more resilient in their ability to persist and thrive.

If you are experiencing the weight of mutual dependency, you might be swimming in the waters of over-reliance, where the actions of one party can jeopardize the stability of the whole. This might mean that projects become too dependent on specific funding sources or partners, making them vulnerable to changes in circumstances or priorities.

The pursuit of mutual support can potentially dilute one’s identity. In an effort to conform to the needs or expectations of the broader whole, there may be pressure to sacrifice your distinctiveness. This is a delicate balance to manage, particularly when striving to realize peripheral visions.

Finally, mutual dependency can lead to unequal relationships, where some may feel they have less control or receive more benefits than others. This can create tensions and undermine the sense of solidarity and common purpose that is essential for collaborative independence to be truly empowering.