Dogs have historically served as guardians and protectors, offering security and reassurance to their owners. The Dog card is here to protect you in creating safe and nurturing environments. It encourages community members to look out for one another, advocate for their colleagues and stand up against injustice or oppression.

Known for their playful and joyful demeanor, dogs bring happiness and lightness to their surroundings. This card can show up when you need a reminder that you can nurture a sense of joy and celebration amidst the plethora of challenges of everyday life. Keeping the dog card in mind can encourage you to engage in activities that alleviate the weight of accumulating stress of everyday life.

The Dog card can sometimes indicate behavior that is overly protective or possessive, where individuals or groups guard their territory or belongings at the expense of others. This aspect may manifest as exclusion or marginalization of others, as people become overly protective of their interests.

While dogs are typically known for being gentle and affectionate, their protective aggression or hostility can backfire. In creative work, the Dog card may represent interpersonal conflicts or power struggles within a community, with people passionately taking sides.

Drawing the Dog card can also signify a sense of obedience that turns into blindly following commands without question. This uncritical adhering to authority figures or institutional norms can be a sign of insecurity and indecisiveness. It may also indicate a broader cultural context of censorship that stifles innovation and creativity.