Passion for the Process

The Passion for the Process card signifies a deep commitment and dedication to the journey itself rather than just the outcome. It reflects a positive attitude towards investing time, effort, and energy in the process of growth, learning, and creation, and staying committed to long-term visions and goals, regardless of immediate recognition or success.

A focus on the process means finding joy and fulfillment in the small victories, milestones, and moments of growth that happen along the way.

Embracing this passion involves a willingness to continously learn and evolve. It encourages us to embrace new experiences, seek feedback, and adapt to changing circumstances.

While such a passion is generally positive, when individuals become overly fixated on their own process, they easily lose sight of broader perspectives or priorities.

Pulling this card can also point to resistance to change or reluctance to adapt to new circumstances. It can show up in spaces where clinging to familiar practices or traditions prevents embracing new technologies or models.