Addressing the Here and Now

Addressing the Here and Now encourages individuals to be fully present in the moment. This attitude fosters a sense of presence and attentiveness in interpersonal interactions, leading to deeper connections and mindfulness in the creative process.

Drawing the Addressing the Here and Now card can be an invitation to set aside concerns about the past or future and focus their attention on the present moment. This clarity and focus enable individuals to address immediate needs and challenges within current projects.

Based in action, this card motivates individuals to take ownership of their creative endeavors, embracing the present moment as an opportunity for proactive steps to address issues rather than reflect or procrastinate with their acts.

At the same time, focusing solely on the present moment can lead to avoidance or denial of past or future concerns. This card can point to issues of ignoring or downplaying systemic issues or failing to address criticism from past works in current projects and actions.

Embracing the present moment without considering the broader context can lead to short-sightedness and impulsivity in decision-making. This card can come when someone is prioritizing immediate gratification or quick fixes over long-term sustainability and success which often results in rushed or poorly planned projects that overlook important details or considerations.

The flip side of the Addressing the Here and Now card happens if individuals become overwhelmed or paralyzed by the present moment. It can show up in moments of struggle to take action on important tasks or decisions, leading to missed opportunities and stagnation, delays and setbacks.